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There is no substitute for professional photography.  We offer the best real estate photography

in the Middle Tennessee area.  The key is skillful training, experience, high quality HDR editing,

and an eye for detail.

Images produced by GGP (Greg Green Photography) are guaranteed to get you results.  

           - Sell listings 50% faster

           - Sell listings 39% closer to list price

           - Generate 118% more online listing views

Professional Photography sells Real Estate faster and better!

Real Estate Pricing is as follows:

Base Price $99 (retail $189)

Includes: 12 Images, ready for MLS upload

Unlimited images with pro editing

Upgrade prices as followed:

1900 or less sq.ft. homes: $150 (retail $279)

2000 to 2500 sq. ft. homes: $200 (retail $379)

2600 to 3500 sq. ft. homes: $250 (retail $479)

Add Ons:

Over 3500 sq.ft. home: $75 (retail $149)

Multi-Story 3 or more : $75 (retail$149)

HDR Images for printing: $75 (retail $149)

Two minute walk through video: $75 (retail $149)

360  walk through: $150 (retail $279) includes 90 days hosting (additional 90 days hosting: $80)

Drone aerial photo and video: $99 (retail $189)


Above prices are discounted for Real Estate Agents and Associates.

Prices are subject to change.

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